Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Advertising your business is essential for any chiropractic clinic. It doesn’t matter if you have a new clinic or a seasoned clinic; having an effective marketing strategy is integral to having a successful clinic. One strategy to produce a high ROI for your marketing dollars is to run ads for your clinic on Facebook. We’re going to cover the importance of using Facebook, the strategy behind advertising to a cold audience, and what you need to get started.

Importance of Chiropractic Facebook Ads

The purpose of digital marketing ads is to entice the potential patient to give you their contact information in exchange for some type of incentive or offer. In this case, you’re positioning yourself in front of someone when they’re connecting with friends and family. Because our possible patients are already in a “home” headspace, it’s a good way to remind them about coming in for an adjustment or tending to something they’ve been meaning to take care of for their personal health. Once you get contact data from various leads, you can use it for remarketing to them repeatedly. You’ve now created the ultimate nurturing funnel.

Does this sound like too much for your clinic to take on alone? Chiro Digital Marketing Pros is here to take care of this to achieve all these!

Our Facebook Ads Strategy

Our experts at Chiro Digital Marketing Pros are highly experienced in creating comprehensive and effective Facebook Ads for chiropractors to grow your new patient list. Here are the services we offer to create Facebook Ads.

Our biggest challenge isn't who you show up next to on a feed, it's how quickly we can get someone to stop scrolling with an enticing offer. The most important aspect of making an attractive offer is the creation of a lead magnet. Our chiropractic marketing experts achieve this by constructing a low entry-priced service or product offer that your potential clients want.

For the lead magnet to be effective it must offer immediate gratification, high perceived value, deliver a specific result, and change its status to a buyer. Depending on your services, we recommend a discount on your most popular chiropractic service to attract new patients. Additionally, we will limit the offer to a specific time frame or quantity. This creates a sense of urgency, prompting the Facebook user to become a new lead.

Since Facebook newsfeeds are quite crowded, our team will create compelling Facebook ad text that stands out from the rest. A high-converting ad copy translates to more clicks (and hopefully more patients!). Our team has years of experience achieving this using the Facebook ad copy formula to create Chiropractic Facebook Ads. This includes:

  • Capture users attention of your target audience by addressing their challenges and pain points
  • Inspiring their interest by describing the benefits that come with your lead magnet
  • Creating a desire by giving them a reason to click on the Facebook Ads
  • Creating an enticing call to action, giving them the chance to interact with the lead magnet

Through research and years of experience, Chiro internet marketing experts know that including high-quality videos, images, and visuals is essential for Facebook Ads. The media we use is always an accurate visual representation of the ad copy we created. This service ensures the visual displays the accurate chiropractic service or product, tells a story, evokes emotions, and stands out on the Facebook newsfeed.

Some of the best converting ads include short videos of you at your clinic, working on patients, and a testimonial or two. If you don't have the ability to provide video content we can always work on some standard stock imagery to support your campaign.

One final step in our strategy is to set up the landing page where we want the traffic to convert. This is just as important as creating the Ad itself. If the landing pages are not relevant to the Facebook advertisement your potential patient clicked on, you might lose a valuable lead. Our development team will ensure the landing page feels like a native part of the branding and website to tie in the best elements of your practice.

To achieve this, we ensure the landing page has matching imagery and visuals, including the color scheme in the Facebook advertisement that led them there. We also ensure the offer on the landing page matches the one in the Ad. Most importantly we'll include a place of conversion (form or phone call action) in places where users can easily see it.

For businesses like your chiropractic practice, it is wise not to focus too much on the gender or age of your audience. From experience, Chiro Digital Marketing Pros has learned that your business has a better chance of generating more leads by opting for a custom audience from your zip code or current patient list. The power behind this approach is really in eliminating the guessing game of targeting. Remember, this is a cold audience so not all interests within the Facebook data align with your ideal patient.

Our experts will set your local chiropractic clinic’s target audience to a radius of about five to ten miles from your location. The target audience requirements should be comprehensible and concise. More detailed target marketing strategies are effective for large-scale firms, not local businesses. They have more diversified custom audiences. One expectation to note when it comes to Facebook Ads for chiropractors is that it can take a few weeks to dial in your targeting.

After completing all the steps above, our experts can launch and implement your Facebook Ad campaign. Our main campaign objective for your Ad will be to generate interest to the ad, clicks to the landing page, and create sales funnels to capture and nurture your services. We will collect your traffic information from Facebook's data to evaluate how your ad converts.

Data during the launch period is critical in early optimization. This allows us to determine the Facebook Ad with the most conversions and make adjustments to the rest of the Ads. Once we get approximately 25 or more conversions, the focus turns to conversions on your chiropractic website through organic means like SEO.

Chiropractic Facebook Ads for Retargeting

Another step in our Facebook Ad campaign to grow your chiropractic patients is retargeting the existing visitors to your website. The aim of doing this is to remind the past visitor to take a specific action. It’s generally a low ROI strategy alone, but a huge compliment when you run chiropractic Facebook Ads as a campaign. Think of this as the cherry on top of the strategy.

It is an important tool when your chiropractic practice has an offer in the Facebook Ad that they might have clicked but resulted in cold traffic. Our team will create a custom audience in the Facebook Ads Manager to do this.

Breakdown of our Facebook Ad Services

Setup Service

Funnel Add On

Monthly Management


Adspend less than $1500/month


Adspend less than $1501-$2500/month


Adspend over $2501/month


  • Business owner understands FB Ads require time & money to warm up audience
  • Well converting landing page must be provided unless Funnel add on is purchased.
  • Audience lists are required or the business owner understands that the ads will take 2-3 weeks to run for traffic and engagement before moving to a conversion campaign.
  • Creative imagery may be supplied by business owner. If not, we will use Canva to create the imagery.
  • A strong offer or competitive advantage should be developed prior to sign up — FB ads is a cold audience so this should be compelling.
  • Number of Creatives depends on optimization requirements.

Get the Best Chiropractic Online Marketers for your Facebook Ad Campaign

You have come to the right place if you want to get more patients and make more money in your chiropractic practice. Our experts use the latest tactics, including Facebook Ad campaigns, to ensure you stay ahead of your competition in the chiropractic healthcare industry.

At Chiro Digital Marketing Pros, we have the expertise and experience to deliver top-quality online marketing services to our esteemed clients. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver top-class customer service cost-effectively and creatively.

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